Pakistani Mehandi Designs

Pakistani mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehandi designs are very famous and popular all over the world. The designs of the gulf countries are resembled by them. Bridal Mehandi is very essential and has gained a lot of familiarity among the girls. Usually, the Pakistani Mehandi designs are very heavy. These designs are applied to the full feet and hands of the bride.

pakistani mehndi designs

pakistani mehndi designs 1

Mainly, petal designs, flowery designs and geometrical shapes are consisted in these designs. These designs have become very popular among the girls and brides. Brides have developed a lot of consciousness about the Mehandi designs. Brides wish that they have a very favorable and antique Pakistani designs . These designs are very special. They carry lot of notification and attraction of the people who have come to attend the important marriage ceremony.

pakistani mehndi designs 2

pakistani mehndi designs 3

Pakistani Mehandi designs have become very famous in the western countries as well. Many women and young girls who belong to the western countries wish to look forward to these designs. People always love to paste the designs of these Pakistani Mehandi on their hands. Arabic Mehandi designs have gained a lot of popularity throughout the world. These designs comprise of large floral patterns that are adorned on the hands of the women.

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pakistani mehndi designs 5

The beauty of these patterns depend on the expertise and skills of these Mehandi artists. These Pakistani Mehandi designs can be applied to the hands by catching hold of Mehandi artists who have lot of experience. These Pakistani Mehandi designs have gained a lot of popularity due to their simple patterns and designs.

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They are very convenient and simple to apply as compared to other Mehandi designs. These flower designs are not only easy to design but also very easy to apply. When they are applied to the hands, a lot of skin is left exposed.

pakistani mehndi designs 8

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